2023-24 Programs

The branch’s General Meetings are open to the public.

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Consider joining the Midland Branch of AAUW!   If you join at a public event (such as one of our general meetings or at our Used Book Sale) you will receive 50 percent off our national dues.  Enjoy this nice incentive as you become part of an organization that supports women and provides many opportunities for personal growth and camaraderie.


October Branch Meeting:


Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Community Room (lower level)

Wednesday, October 18, 7:00 pm

Miriam Andrus, Director of the Grace A. Dow Library, will be our keynote speaker.  Andrus possesses a Level 1 certification from the Library of Michigan.  She received a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham University and a Masters of Library Science from Clarion University.  Andrus served as the director of the Big Rapids Community Library where she oversaw a variety of enrichment projects.  Most recently, she directed the creation of a Seed Library and construction of the first literacy playground in Michigan.  She has served on several regional and statewide boards and commissions related to literacy, library operations, and quality of life initiatives.

Andrus will address why attempts to ban some books from public libraries has increased in recent years, according to the American Library Association.  There were 1,269 efforts to censor books and other resources in libraries in 2022 according to the ALA.  She will also address the issue why voters in one Michigan town defunded a library over a dispute related to LGBT content and why elected officials, parents, and conservative groups including Moms for Liberty say they are advocating for book removals because the titles are inappropriate for children and students. Those opposed the bans are saying it’s a disservice to students because it threatens First Amendment rights.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Will the court ultimately decide this issue?